Everything I learnt when I became the other woman.

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She says yes when she thinks she can’t say no.

She’s mostly ruled by her feelings.

Oh, girl. No matter how much everybody else tells her not to get swept up with her feelings, that’s all she really knows. Maybe she hasn’t ever had a good grasp on managing her emotions. Maybe she’s got issues with that.

Like a lot of other people, she knows how to pretend she’s not “like that.” But she’s exactly like that and lying to herself about it won’t make her change.

She’s afraid that if she doesn’t put so much weight upon her feelings, she’ll no longer feel anything at all.

She mistakes red flags for roses.

“He’s not who I thought he was,” might be a common refrain, but the truth is that he has already showed her. She just didn’t want to believe it. It’s so easy in the beginning to write off the little and big things as proof that he cares.

But red flags aren’t…

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