Everything I Use to Get Glowing, Summer Skin

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A few weeks before we began isolating due to COVID-19, I placed an Ulta order for some products that I thought would be perfect for my summertime makeup goal: dewy, glowing skin that gives off that model-off-duty vibe. Obviously, things have changed since then, and I put makeup on maybe three times throughout quarantine. 

But if we’re looking at the silver linings of spending a few months in isolation, one of mine was that I was able to spend the time to really commit to figuring out a skincare routine that works for me, and get my skin glowing and ready for summer. I’ve nailed down a routine that includes a few staple products that really work for me. These four basic steps—and products that clear up, hydrate, and bronze—are perfect for achieving glowing skin all summer:


1. Take care of any problem areas

It’s really important to me to start with the best possible base…

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