Everything that has been banned in Australia because of coronavirus.

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We need to remember that even if we are in lockdown, supermarkets will still be accessible.

Can I go to a restaurant/cafe/cinema?

We are all being told we have a responsibility to practice social distancing – aka maintain a distance of 1.5m between ourselves and others – but there isn’t a restriction as of yet on shopping centres, cafes or cinemas.

The PM said wherever possible we “need to keep Australians working”.

Can I visit aged care homes? 

If your parents or grandparents live in an aged care facility, and you have been overseas in the last two weeks or have come into contact with someone with the virus, no.

If none of that applies to you, then you can visit.

But Scott Morrison reiterated this morning that the new rule means that only two visitors at one time will be allowed into each facility.

If the worst-case scenario happens and your loved one passes away, the Prime Minister said…

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