Everything You Need To Know Before Trying A HelloFresh Meal Kit

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Everything You Need To Know Before Trying A HelloFresh Meal Kit

These days, it seems like everyone is hopping on the meal prep bandwagon. Anyone with Instagram is bound to see one of their friends cooking up a storm on Sunday, to save themself both time and money during the busy work week. While we’re all about this level of organization, finding the time to go grocery shopping, research healthy recipes and then cook for an entire week sounds a little too daunting to us on a Sunday evening. Sundays are for chilling and maybe a girls brunch, not hours spent slaving over a hot stove! That’s where the HelloFresh meal kit comes to the rescue.

Falling into the trap of eating frozen food and takeout is not beneficial for our wallets or our health. When I heard the buzz surrounding meal kits, I was skeptical at first. I liked the idea in theory but was concerned that they would be pricey and over…

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