“Finally, the Feminist Revolution Has Begun”: Egypt’s #MeToo Moment

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A sea of Egyptian flags. (Flickr / Creative Commons 2.0)

Hundreds of women in Egypt are sharing stories of surviving sexual violence after a widespread #MeToo campaign on Instagram prompted the arrest of a man who had sexually assaulted, harassed and blackmailed many women.

The Instagram account Assault Police provided a platform for more than 100 accusers, some as young as 13, to share testimonies of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of a 21-year-old Egyptian college student, Ahmed Bassam Zaki, who was studying at one of Egypt’s most elite universities. The public prosecutor’s office said Zaki has confessed to blackmailing at least six women, threatening to release sensitive images of them to their families. Allegations against the student stretch back at least three years.

The Beginning of Egypt's Feminist Revolution
The American University in Cairo, where a former student was accused of sexual assault….

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