Fossil Fuel Violence Demands A Righteous-Babe Response – Ms. Magazine

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It’s time to talk about women’s economics with attitude. It’s time to laugh at what is often absurd and call out what is dangerous. By focusing on voices not typically part of mainstream man-to-man economic discourse, Women Unscrewing Screwnomics will bring you news of hopeful and practical changes and celebrate an economy waged as life—not as war. 

Even if you avoid stock market news, by now you’ve heard Wall Street is going nuts. Its value has dropped as much as it did before the 2008 meltdown, worrying everyone. The globe’s richest men are selling off corporate ownership to move money to bonds, traditionally safer, but also spooky now.

What’s scaring EconoMan? The new coronavirus has unglued the global economy’s transnational lines of supply, threatening corporate bottom lines.

Then, Russia picked the perfect time to fight over oil production with…

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