Four Ways the U.S. Foster Care System Is Buckling Under the Weight of a Pandemic

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This story originally appeared on The Marshall Project. It has been republished with permission.

New placements, family visits and child-abuse investigations falter across the country. (Lifesong)

The foster care system, built on frequent movements of children from one home to another and regular in-person supervision, has been especially wracked with confusion and dread by the coronavirus crisis.

In some states, investigators of child abuse have said they are so fearful of spreading the illness from home to home that some are trying to do their investigating from the front door, or even over videochat, instead of going inside.

Afraid of bringing the virus into their families, some foster parents are also refusing to accept new children, even if there is no indication they have the virus. Two youth advocates said in interviews that in this climate, they fear foster…

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