From homelessness to MasterChef judge.

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“He saw something of me in him or him in me. But I went there completely naked. Stripped of everything. I was both a drug addict and I had no expectations of my abilities as a cook. I was lost. I mean, really, completely, f—ed up,” Jock told GoodFood in 2018.

In fact if it wasn’t for food, Jock says he would be dead.

“The only thing that will stop you from doing heroin is something that’s more compelling than heroin. And when you’re an addict, there’s very little that’s more compelling than doing that drug. Luckily for me, I somehow fluked upon cooking,” he told the publication.

For the first few months of working in Pierre White’s kitchen, Jock had nowhere to sleep and would sneak into the staff change rooms once everyone had left and sleep under the towels. He was too embarrassed to say anything.

As he told The Advertiser, “He [Pierre White] arranged a youth hostel for me to stay in…

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