George Pell’s first TV interview Andrew Bolt since the acquittal.

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The 78-year-old said his time in Victoria’s Barwon Prison had given him an interest in people who are “wrongly condemned” and a number of prisoners believed he was innocent.

“A number of prisoners said it was the only time they’d ever heard any prisoners taking the side of a priest convicted of paedophilia,” he said.

Pell said he made two friends in prison, including one who has been convicted of murder. But he said he doesn’t believe the man is guilty.

Cardinal Pell said his time behind bars was “quite atypical”.

“I got something like 4000 letters. I got immense support, practical and otherwise. I never felt forsaken. I had a daily routine. I followed the advice I’ve given to priests,” he told Bolt.

“I had a kettle and television set. Got a toilet, a shower, a bed with a firm base. I was up at the Toorak end. The poor fellas at the other end, often damaged…

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