GLAAD and Senators Call to End Ban on Blood Donations from Gay and Bi Men

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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, blood donations have become increasingly necessary to help those diagnosed with the disease.

As social distancing has led to a reduction in donations, blood centers like the American Red Cross—and the government directly—have called for healthy people to donate blood and plasma during this crucial time in an effort to stave off a shortage in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

However, not all healthy people can donate: The FDA has stated that—despite the need—gay and bisexual men are still banned from donating blood.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforces that men who have sex with men cannot donate blood unless they have abstained from sex for 12 months. (GLAAD)

In response, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has published a petition calling for a lift of this ban, which has…

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