GrandeLash Review: Our Editor’s Results After 6 Months

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I’ve always had a bit of what we’ll call “commitment issues” with my beauty products. In this career, I try so many products and consume so much information about products that it makes it feel hard to really stick with anything; even if something really wows me, it’s easy to convince myself that something else will be better and keep looking for it even if it doesn’t really exist.

All of that counts for everything except for one, single product; one that has made a visible change so much that I’ve shelled out the cash to purchase it four times (four!) and have gotten just about every woman in my life to buy: Grande Cosmetic’s GrandeLASH Lash Enhancing Serum.


About My Lashes

My eyelashes have always been somewhere around exactly average. I never had a huge problem with them—they’ve always been semi-long but pretty sparse—but they were mediocre…

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