Hannah Gadsby new Netflix special Douglas release date.

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Douglas, a show the performer named after her eldest dog because she thought she’d need a little extra help to top the success that was Nanette, touches on everything from the imbalance of power between those who make art and those who profit from it, the still looming presence of the patriarchy, to thoughts on her own body and career.

In a rare turn of form for a comedy special, Douglas kicks off with Hannah telling the audience exactly what she will be doing during the 95-minute set, the subjects she’ll touch on and what effects she intends to achieve.

In spite of this, it’s still a show filled with surprises.

“I no longer believe that I am falling short of expectations,” she says. “I believe it is those expectations that are falling short of my humanity.”

Hannah herself made the announcement about Douglas during the FYSEE panel while discussing her Netflix special…

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