Harvey Weinstein’s Verdict is a Victory. But Is It Enough to Open Our Eyes to the Epidemic of Sexual Assault? – Ms. Magazine

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Something important has changed in the national discourse about sexual violence, but will it trickle down to those who are most vulnerable?  

As a primary care physician who works in a clinic serving low-income and marginalized patients, I am just starting to understand how sexual violence impacts the health and well-being of the women I care for.  

In America, one in five women will be raped at some point in their lives; the majority of these assaults will not be reported to the police. Pictured: Rally to stand with rape survivors. (Fibonacci Blue / Creative Commons)

One patient I cannot forget is an Eritrean woman—let’s call her Mariam.  She was soft-spoken, but in a way that indicated less a personality trait than that something inside her had broken and taken her voice with it.  She spoke with effort, as if picking up each word from the back of her throat…

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