Here’s How Teens Are Helping Seniors Stay Connected During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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This story originally appeared on Teen Vogue. It has been republished with permission.

Jordan Mittler helps one of his students log on to Zoom. (Teen Vogue)

While the COVID-19 outbreak forced most of New York City to begin shutting down in mid-March, Jordan Mittler, 16, was rushing to get more than two dozen seniors set up on the video conferencing platform Zoom.

“Getting them set up on Zoom was a really big challenge for me,” Mittler said. “I started off by texting everyone together with a list of a few instructions, but that didn’t really work. I had to call a lot of people individually and walk them through the step-by-step process of how to download Zoom, how to get an account, how to type in the Meeting ID. It took a really long time.”

Eventually, he says, he got 50 local seniors set up with Zoom and familiar enough with the platform to call into weekly…

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