Here’s How You Can Protect Against COVID-19 While Pregnant, APA Says

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With so little known about the respiratory infection known as COVID-19, it’s expected for any pregnant woman to have questions about how she can best protect herself and her baby. Many communities are already practicing social distancing and telling people to stay home. Now the American Pregnancy Association (APA) is advising expectant mothers to adhere to the following guidelines and recommendations.

Know the Symptoms of COVID-19, Allergies, Flu and the Common Cold

Not only is it important for expectant women to know the symptoms of COVID-19, but it’s also important they understand how the symptoms may differ from those of allergies, flu and the common cold, the APA states. While information is still limited, the APA says coronavirus symptoms may include fever, respiratory symptoms and possible diarrhea.

Keep In Touch With Your Doctor and Keep Medical Documents On Hand

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