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Formaldehyde is used in vaccine preparation and traces can be found within doses. Drinking fluid concentrations of this is bad, however the amount present in a vaccine dose is 0.1 milligrams per dose. When you eat an apple, you consume up to six milligrams of formaldehyde. Or if you want another example, there is 50 to 70 times more formaldehyde present in an average newborn’s body than in a single dose of vaccine, as confirmed by Public

Thiomersal breaks down to produce mercury. Mercury is toxic – yes. But it is also a powerful antibacterial. It’s not currently being used in Australia, and is mainly present in a vaccine when it’s used to help treat epidemics.

Even if it is used in the yet to be completed coronavirus vaccine however – it contains the same amount of mercury you’d find in a tin of tuna. As the Australian health department confirms, “there is no…

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