How Early Motherhood Prepared Me for Pandemic Parenting

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I was not prepared for this. The isolation. The uncertainty. The anxiety. The guilt. The self-doubt. The stakes are so incredibly high, and I was not prepared. It only took about 48 hours for the world to turn upside down.

“They cancelled the rest of the NBA season,” I whispered to my husband, who was getting our son ready for bed. I watched enough news to know that things were getting bad, but cancelling the NBA was a real tipping point. Only a clear and present danger could bring a multi-billion dollar sports league so quickly to its knees.

The following morning, my husband and I decided that it was time to self-quarantine our family. Being Southern California residents, we had an emergency earthquake kit stocked with essentials, and, as a mom, I luckily had enough sanitizer and disinfectant to get us through the first wave of hysteria. We filled our cars with gas, picked up…

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