How I Came to Grips with My Daughter’s Autism

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I know everyone says it’s best to have babies young because you’re bursting with energy and regenerating cells quickly, but I think that’s a load of bull. That only applies if your kid is neurotypical. If your precious baby comes out with any kind of delay, you will need wisdom and lots of it. And that comes with experience, and experience takes time. People warn you about so many things when you’re expecting. There are countless books about it, but there’s not a darn thing in them that prepares you to raise a child with autism.

I was 24 when I had our son and 26 when I had our daughter, Queen Victoria Boyd. My husband and I had planned her conception, but we hadn’t planned for another child with special needs. But we are so honored to be chosen.

Queen was the happiest baby I had ever seen, and I worked in the world of daycare for nearly seven years. My husband and I…

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