How I’m coping being a single mum right now.

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And there’s also the fact that I can’t deliver a school curriculum while I’m working to keep us fed and housed. I mean, us single mums are amazing, but even we have our limits.

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That leads me to my next piece of advice; not only do we need to acknowledge those limits ourselves, we need to admit them to other people.

My sister, who’s interstate, called me to ask, “What can I do for you?”

My instinct was to do what I always do; minimise my feelings and say I had things under control.

But in that second, I decided to share my burden. I blurted that I was feeling unsettled and anxious. It gave my sister the chance to comfort me, legitimise my feelings, and then offer practical advice. It was exactly what I needed.

She also did something very small, but very significant;…

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