How In-Utero Heart Surgery Saved My Baby’s Life

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“Probable fetal demise.”

These words changed our lives.

On July 17, 2011, when my husband Bryan and I walked into the anatomy scan for our second baby, we expected to hear nothing but “looks perfect.” In fact, my biggest concern was that the ultrasound technician might accidentally reveal the baby’s gender. I knew that the appointment was for more than just learning if we were having a boy or girl (which we didn’t want to know anyway) but the gravity of the anatomy scan had never really sunk in with my first pregnancy, as our first baby was completely healthy.

There was the usual small talk plus my awkward repeating that we didn’t want to know the gender, and then the ultrasound technician said quite calmly, “I’ll be right back.” Bryan and I talked, I bemoaned my full bladder and a few moments later a doctor who I’d never seen before came in. He looked at our…

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