How long will social distancing last in Australia? Explained.

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Limiting that is precisely why keeping strict social distancing regulations in place is crucial. In the absence of a vaccine (which is likely 12-18 months away), it’s the best chance we have of slowing the spread and preventing hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. Also, reverse those measures too soon and we’ve got a second wave of the crisis on our hands.

Given all that, it’s little wonder then, that only a handful of people at the top have publicly mentioned specific timelines. Let’s break down what those brave souls have said and what they meant.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller: “It’s 90 days.”

NSW Police Commissioner Fuller sparked a lot of coverage this week when he revealed that NSW’s latest regulations (including public gatherings being limited to two people, and people being unable to leave their home without a “reasonable excuse”) had a 90-day sunset…

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