How Modern American Sexism Weaponizes Women’s Bodies  – Ms. Magazine

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It is no secret that American culture is misogynistic—but the central role women’s bodies play in maintaining the sexist status quo is too often overlooked and understated. 

We examine issues like revenge porn, reproductive justice, sexual violence, gendered dress codes and heightened standards of female beauty in isolation—without paying adequate attention to the cacophony of chauvinistic clamor they collectively create in the lives of modern American women and girls. 

When taken together and viewed through a common lens, the patriarchal picture they paint becomes uncomfortably clear: Our bodies are our biggest liability, and no woman is safe.

Weaponizing Women’s Bodies in the Digital Age of Internet and Cell Phones

In this digital age, revenge porn has emerged as a convenient tool for scorned lovers to dress their victims down.  Democratic Congresswoman…

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