How My Body Image Prevented Me From Finding Love

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Ever since I’ve been a teenager, I’ve had a soft spot for a good romance. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, or a Saturday night in alone, you’ll frequently find me curled up on the sofa binging on rom-coms. I’ll devour reality shows where couples find love against carefully-scripted odds. I adore hearing about celebrity matches, and remain hopeful that my favorite couples will last, even if the odds stack up against them. But in spite of my love of all-things love, my own dating life consisted mostly of long runs of bad dates and people who treated me poorly. My confidence when it came to dating was low, and I found it difficult to decipher why.

We are a culture that reveres romance, and yet we also seem intent on depicting a world where some people are more deserving of relationships than others. In all of the movies that I watched, the women who managed to meet someone who…

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