How Schools Worldwide are Tackling Coronavirus Challenge

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How do you create community when you can’t be together?

Schools are closed for hundreds of millions of students, but educators, parents and children are still learning—including how to keep a sense of connection.

First grader Ayla Van de Mark and her third-grade brother, Duke, tune into a class on Tuesday offered by their school in Woodinville, Washington, north of Seattle. The Northshore School District, with more than 23,500 students, switched to online learning on Monday. (Courtesy of Stacey Van de Mark)

This post originally appeared on the Christian Science Monitor. It has been re-published with permission.

Cats, puppies, and stuffed animals prance across Tracy Westberg’s screen.

A sixth grade social studies teacher north of Seattle, Ms. Westberg is conducting a virtual session on Tuesday, the day after her Washington state school district’s switch to…

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