How to Avoid Overpaying for Cell Phone Data

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How to Avoid Overpaying for Cell Phone Data

When you’re shopping for a phone contract, the data allowance is an important factor to consider. Too little will lead to running out before the end of the month and paying extra fees. But with too much data allowance, you’ll pay for unused data. So how do you avoid overpaying for cell phone data?

Nowadays, we use our phones for streaming, web browsing, messaging, emailing, and more. Smartphone holders used about 2.9 GB of data every month in 2019, according to the Communication Market Report published by OFCOM. With the rise of 5G and increased data demands for innovative apps, data usage per user is expected to exceed 4GB during 2020. Phone calls and texts are things of the past. 

So, here’s some advice on how to find the best plan to ensure you save as much money as you can on cell phone data.

Understand Your Data Plan Options

Everyone needs at least 1GB of data…

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