How to ensure your finances survive COVID-19.

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Well, that escalated quickly.

One week I’m all like ‘Sure buy some cheap shares’ and the next I’m like ‘Yeah, so you should probably start learning to grow your own herbs and bake your own bread’.

Things are crazy. Last night I spoke to my retired dad. He said he’s fine, as long as he doesn’t look at the stock market.

Side note… A study found the optimal salary for happiness, and it’s more achievable than you might think. Post continues below. 

We talked about tightening our belts and digging out my Grandma’s Country Women’s Association cookbook for some thrifty living recipes. Boiled fruitcake recipe available if anyone’s interested? (Oh wait, you need flour for that, and that’s become a weird luxury item).

His line of the week was: “The time of the tight-arses has arrived”. And damn, he is right. We’re cool all of a sudden.

People have been asking me…

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