How to Go From a Hobby to Side-Hustle in 5 Steps

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In theory, a hobby is something you’re supposed to do just for fun—and we’re all for doing things you love to destress and relax, without trying to monetize them. But, if your favorite has earning potential and you’ve got the time and inclination, it’s worth considering starting up a side-hustle or freelance biz. Your earnings could help fund your hobby (win!) or help you start your own full-time business in the future. 

Before you jump in with both feet, we outlined a few steps for transforming your hobby into a side-hustle. Hint: we start with the most important one, creating a home for your business online. We always turn to Squarespace, our go-to website builder for chic templates and easy-to-use ecommerce features.


1. Start by creating a platform

Now that you know what you want your side-hustle to be, make a clear plan for how you’re going to make money off of…

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