How to Prepare for the Perfect Conference Call

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How to Prepare for the Perfect Conference Call

For some, public speaking is one of the most terrifying things a person can do. Group conference calls are often not much better. With practice and preparation, however, you will make it through, and you may even find you enjoy it. Take the following steps to make sure you are all set to harness technology and use it to make an impression during the perfect conference call.

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

Have you ever watched a wilderness survival shows, like Man Vs. Wild, and thought to yourself, “If only Bear Grylls had brought a book of matches, he would be warm and fed right now!” But he didn’t bring a book of matches, so you suffer right along with him, shivering through ten minutes on your couch while he shivers through the night in the Serengeti because Mr. Grylls didn’t have the right equipment. By the end of the episode, all is well, but you…

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