How to Productively Work from Home with Kids Underfoot

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For many, working from home is the dream—after all, being able to avoid long commutes, wear PJ bottoms all day and throw in a load of laundry in between calls are big bonuses. With the recent, rapid spread of COVID-19 and many workplaces closing their doors, parents who normally don’t have a telecommute option are suddenly creating makeshift home offices. It’s a big shift in routine to say the least—and with daycares and schools also shuttered, moms and dads are having to figure out how to be productive while simultaneously caring for their kids during the work day. Suffice to say, our reality is looking pretty different from that work from home (WFH) dream.

It can be tricky to balance it all without feeling like you’re falling short in one area or another. But with a solid plan, a few strategies and a bit of trial and error, you’ll master the WFH with kids gig. We asked…

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