How to Register for Baby Gear Without Testing It First

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As any expectant parent will tell you, figuring out what to register for a new baby is hard. After all, there’s a lot to consider and a lot of products to choose from. What’s even harder? Finalizing your registry picks during a global pandemic. With retailers shut down and people quarantining at home, you can’t just mosey on over to a baby store or friend’s house and get a (literal) feel for the items you’re considering. Deep breath. You can still put together a stellar baby registry without browsing the aisles or relying on the salesperson to list out everything you need. Here, our top five tips for how to make smart registry decisions in the era of COVID-19.

1. Go With Trusted Brands

There is a world out there teeming with baby products, and while most of the stuff is downright adorable, not everything is made equal. Instead of heading online and picking out whatever…

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