How to remove eyelash extensions at home.

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Even if you use this method, there’s a chance you will lose a few of your natural lashes. It’s different to when a lash technician does it because they use professional tools and a magnifying glass to carefully remove each extension one at a time.

That said, it’s far better for your lashes than pulling your extensions out, which can cause trauma to your hair follicles. And a traumatised follicle may never grow a hair again.

Best eyelash serum to grow lashes.

After removing your extensions, an eyelash serum can help to hydrate and nourish your hair follicles to grow back any lashes lost faster and longer.

Same goes if you accidentally pulled all your eyelashes out and have spent a decent 45 minutes crying in front of the mirror over your hairless eyelids (I’ve been there and it will get better). The best lash serum I’ve used is the EyEnvy Lash Conditioner Serum. You can only…

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