How to remove SNS nails at home: A step-by-step guide.

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The downside to SNS nails, like any professional manicure including gel/shellac and acrylic nails, is they grow out and eventually need to be either removed or re-filled (topped up from the bottom to hide the natural nail growing out).

That’s great, but what if you can’t get to a salon? What if you’re, say, in self-isolation?

The temptation is to pick and pull and bite and force the nails off, which I can tell you from experience is satisfying but very painful. It’s also very damaging to your natural nails because you’re actually lifting layers of your natural nail off with the SNS.

If you’re at this point, take a breath and try this DIY trick instead. It’s called the ‘Baggy Method’, and as SNS Nail Technician Lilli Vo told Mamamia, it trumps causing your poor natural nails major damage any day.

“If SNS is not removed properly, it could lead to damaged nails….

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