How to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

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How to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Many people don’t realize this, but your internet router is perhaps the most essential electronic gadget that you have. In case you don’t know, routers typically link connected devices together and to the internet. Your router for your home Wi-Fi network is what allows you to connect to the web from your phone, tablet, computer, or any other electronics. Since it’s such an important device, internet routers are a top target for cyber intruders. If someone accesses your router, it becomes effortless to harm or attack the devices connected to that network.

Unluckily, most standard routers have undependable backdoor accounts, come with doubtful default configurations, contain firmware that’s filled with flaws, and regularly leaks legacy services. As users, we can’t solve some of these flaws, but there are actions we can take to secure the network from…

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