How to Stay Excited About Fashion Right Now

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In my experience, people always fall into two different categories: they get dressed to live, or live to get dressed—and I’ve always been the latter.

Now more than ever, I’ve realized how much my clothing is a part of my identity. It’s a part of my day I truly look forward to. I love planning out my outfits the night before and deciding how I’m going to style my hair and makeup to accompany it; I love adding a new piece to my wardrobe and figuring out how I’m going to style it; I love heading out the door in the morning feeling my absolute best.

When fashion is something that excites you and you get the curveball of needing to stay inside for weeks on end, it’s easy to fall even deeper into a hole of not feeling like yourself. Is it a real problem? Of course not—but figuring out ways to keep it in your day-to-day life can bring a little more light to a monotonous…

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