How to Survive Self-Isolation With Roommates

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I’d consider myself pretty lucky with my roommate situation. I live with two of my best friends (and two border collies), and a general night at my house involves Netflix in the living room, a bottle of pinot noir, and lots of giggly conversation. We share dishes and food and pet responsibilities, and there have been many a night where we’ve knocked at each other through the walls and acted half our age. Don’t get me wrong: it’s certainly not always perfect, and we get in arguments pretty regularly, but we spend most of the time loving each other. I’ve also experienced a time where my roommate situation was less than ideal, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. 

I feel pretty #blessed to have roommates that I love, but this quarantine situation is driving all three of us up the wall. 

The thing is, we’re used to being with each other from about 6pm to 10pm, plus…

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