How to Use Your Freezer to Up Your Meal-Prep Game

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Over the past few weeks, my food shopping habits have changed. While I used to drop by my local co-op every few days (taking the time to explore my options for fresh, in-season foods instead of treating the trip as a frenzied errand), I’ll admit that as of writing this, it’s been just over two weeks since I’ve been to the store.

We’re each learning to adapt to these changes in our routines differently, and in modifying to the times, I’ve tapped into the unsung hero of my arsenal of appliances: the freezer. That’s right—while housing your favorite ice cream is still super important, using your freezer strategically can help you keep homemade goods within reach for easy snacking and lets you have balanced, nutritious meals on hand throughout the week

From stocking up on soups that make the best leftovers to desserts you can bake on a whim, here’s how I’ve turned my…

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