I Can’t Cook, But I’m Mastering These 5 Recipes

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I grew up with a dad who loves to cook. Every Sunday, I’m awoken with homemade biscuits, sausage gravy, baked hash browns, a few strips of bacon, and two sunny-side-up eggs. He doesn’t make everything from scratch, but when he does, our entire house goes into a food coma for approximately six hours. But I’m accident-prone, to say the least, and am not particularly handy, so he never really taught me how to cook. Twice in my life, I have accidentally left my oven on in a 400 sq. ft. apartment for over 10 hours, so the oven slightly terrifies me. And I’m known to burn the easiest thing to cook: eggs. I rely on a few staples when I’m home in my apartment (spicy noodles, anything with turkey taco meat, and the frozen section of Trader Joe’s), but otherwise, I stay out of the kitchen.

I have all this time on my hands, and I can’t rely on my usual takeout to get me by. Plus,…

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