“I saw my friend crying outside a chemist.”

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We can’t get the things we want when we want them. We can’t go to the places we want to go when we want to. We can’t see who we want to see when we want to see them. Everything is an ever-diminishing Plan B.

Being so very discombobulated makes it hard to distinguish between Big Problems and Small Problems.

But we must. Not least because maintaining some sort of perspective in this apocalyptic moment is going to help us survive it.

My friend not being able to get the medication that keeps her family safe? Big Problem.

Me not being able to show comfort to her in the way I would like to? Small Problem.

One million Australians losing their jobs in the same week? Big Problem.

Not being able to socialise with our friends at the places many of them used to work? Small Problem.

Listen to the latest episode of Mamamia Out Loud, all about that feeling we’re all feeling… Post continues…

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