I Tried Gucci’s New Mascara—Here Are My Thoughts

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On a recent trip to New York (you know, before), I grabbed one of the Gucci lipsticks as my “souvenir.” I’ve since fallen madly in love with the Gucci beauty brand—it’s taken its style as a fashion house and put it right into a beauty line that fits so naturally with the perfect mix of edge and glamour that the brand is known for. I’ve never seen a fashion house so seamlessly bring in a beauty line that matches their aesthetic so fluidly. So, you can bet I was floored when they announced the release of their first mascara: Mascara L’Obscur. 

I can’t talk about a designer makeup product without giving a little attention to the packaging. When this arrived at my doorstep, I said aloud to my mom, “Oh, this is going in my grave with me.” It’s one-of-a-kind, boasting a glossy, nude-ish/blush tube (very Everygirl-approved) with a vintage-inspired,…

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