‘I tried the non-surgical butt lift to see if it really works.’

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I was floored. My butt was sitting higher; it looked muscular, and it was more rounded. The result I got was significantly better than I was expecting.

Once I became aware that my booty had had an upgrade, my confidence levels jumped up, too. I felt more comfortable walking around in my sports leggings, and I liked what I saw when I looked in the mirror (something that doesn’t always come easily). 

I suppose other people noticed as well because after I wrote this, my roommate stopped to tell me she thought my butt looked great – “in a completely non-creepy way”.

The most interesting by-product of the experience, however, was a shift in my attitude. I become more assured of my fitness and felt particularly driven at the gym. This might have been the increased muscle mass, or placebo – I’m not really sure. But I guess seeing my body looking stronger encouraged me to push it…

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