If you have a friend that does these things, end it.

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1. You don’t feel good when you’re around them.

Our friends should regularly make us feel happy and good. That’s why we enjoy being around them and make time to do so.

Yes, friendships can go through rough spots: one or both of you might be going through a tough time and need support, but overall, you should be able to look at the arc of your friendship and think overall, “I feel good about this!”

Unfortunately, toxic friendships may start to drain you. You may feel perpetually on edge, defensive, or uncomfortable. You may leave your friend feeling exhausted or sapped when you’d arrived with so much energy.

My body is often a barometer for when things aren’t right. Likely yours is too.

2. They put you down.

Friends shouldn’t put you down in a way that makes you feel like they don’t care about you. Teasing is a part of a lot of friendships, but the relationship as a whole…

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