“I’m 6893kms away from my potential for a family.”

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After 10 years of assisted conception, including five cycles of IVF, three miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy (resulting in a fallopian tube completely removed) and after the gut-wrenching realisation, that IVF was not happening for us and time was running out at 40 years old; we researched Egg Donor programs and realised this was the next scary but exciting step for us.

So more drugs, more side effects but worth it to get our family. Finally.

It didn’t come without hard decisions and difficult conversation… sacrifices. I had to give up on my dream of my child being biologically mine. No mini-me running around one day. They will be (only biologically) half my husbands and half a supermodel beauty from the Ukraine. That in itself is another mental block to become unstuck from.

And so a new chapter in our story of becoming parents unfolded and hope grew.

This would be it, I was…

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