In conclusion, Stacey definitely cheated.

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Steve nods but looks at John. Because they both know that John conscripted him to this show against his will because they couldn’t make up the numbers. And then is silent at the family dinner table while his mother, Helen, yells at Steve for getting fake married on the television while he was already married with children.


But now it’s Hayley and David and goodness how we’ve missed you.

We think that David might have gotten in trouble for the (revolting) lime green Hawaiian shirt he wore to the dinner party, so now he’s in a three piece tux including a waistcoat. Which is… a lot. For a… Sunday night.

John reminds David how naughty it was when he put human faeces on Hayley’s toothbrush and then she used it three to four times and David says yea lol soz which is a wildly insufficient apology but we’ll allow it because get the f*ck to Stacey. 

Mikey is confronted…

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