Injecting Bleach Is Not An Elixir For What Ails The United States

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“On reflection, the briefing was stunning,” writes Goodwin, “not only for what the president conjectured to senior medical officials and media in attendance, but also for what it reveals about another crisis in the United States—namely a crisis in education in America.” (White House Photo)

Late last week, at a press briefing, President Donald Trump urged senior health officials to consider ways in which ultraviolet light in extremely high doses or household disinfectants might be used or injected into humans in order to stave off, treat, or possibly cure COVID-19 related illnesses. 

The president called for doctors to consider “hit[ting] the body with a tremendous … ultraviolet or just very powerful light.” He conjectured bringing high doses of ultraviolet light in the body into the body—through the skin or otherwise—should be explored.  

Trump then…

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