Inside Guy Sebastian’s house “fortress” with Jules Sebastian.

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Last but 100 per cent not least is Guy and Jules’ backyard.

Along with the aforementioned kitchen and living areas with floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors that open up completely, their backyard has a tennis court, in-built swimming pool, sun lounges, a barbecue area, fire pit and even some sort of shed/granny flat.

On Instagram, Jules wrote: “Growing up we didn’t have a pool at home, I was always scheming my way into play dates with friends who did!”

Guy added, “We didn’t grow up in houses like this. Every day, we look at each other and say, ‘Why is this us?’ But there is beauty in feeling like an alien in your own space. You never fail to appreciate it.”

Feature image: Instagram/@guysebastian. 

What do you think of Guy and Jules Sebastian’s epic house renovation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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