Invisible And Underserved: Why Being Minority During COVID-19 Hits Hard

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“Each day is a new fight for fair treatment for minorities in America,” writes Ware, “and in the midst of COVID-19, the fight has reached a full-out battle.” (UN Women)

“The reason behind America’s decision to let so many people keep sinking is because the people who are sinking are often Black and Brown,” Eduardo Porter, the author of American Poison, writes recently. “And that when white America—the part of America that has the most political power—has been asked to show empathy across racial lines, it has usually refused.”

Black and Brown bodies are seen as lesser by many in America. 

They claim overtly and covertly through lack of action that there isn’t much worth to our lives—even at a time when protecting them would be beneficial to not spreading a contagious disease we are still scrambling to learn how to defeat. 

The honest attempt…

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