Is now a bad time for trying?

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You also can’t go through IVF treatment right now as that is on hold. And is it ok to go to your GP when it isn’t coronavirus related? Are people panic buying tampons now? Or those ovulation pee stick test kits?

But also for me and my husband, like many, we’re down to one income thanks to COVID-19 job losses (and yes, we are grateful for that once income). So saving for IVF has gone out the window for a while anyway.

And besides, now maybe isn’t the time to get pregnant with all the uncertainty and no money. But I still want it. Badly. Am I allowed to say that?

Because the world may be on pause until this all blows over, but no one told my ovaries that.

I’m still getting older, and even though it seems we’re stuck on Groundhog Day, that pesky biological clock keeps ticking away.

It is hard to know how to feel. So instead I just… feel sad. And then feel bad for feeling sad…

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