Isolated With Your S.O.? Here’s How to Stay Happy

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One of the perks of all this staying-at-home business is that some celebrity relationship drama is coming to light (I’m still not over Hannah B and Tyler’s TikTok). However, one of the downfalls is the toll it could take on your own relationship. Remove exciting date nights out, and add in 24/7 togetherness and lack of connection to the outside world: things are going to get real.

It’s like you’re Rapunzel stuck in a tower, but instead of the prince coming to rescue you and galloping off into the sunset, the prince is stuck in the tower with you. Oh, and there’s limited toilet paper, you’re eating frozen pizzas for most meals, and you can’t agree on which true-crime series to watch. The only difference, of course, is that we’re not “stuck” at home; we’re safe at home. And let’s be real, who would save who here?

Fairy tales aside, it’s true: not all…

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