It looks like DWTS’ Sharna Burgess could be The Bachelorette 2020.

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If you’re unsure what we’re talking about or just need a little refresher, please let us explain.

In May 2018, Drewboy (MAFS‘ Drew) uploaded a music video to YouTube. The song is called Kick Ons, and it is absolutely everything you’d expect it to be.

The video begins with Drew, drinking from a red cup and with a ripped shirt, entering his house.

There is a party taking place in his house. Then he decides to put on a kangaroo onesie and Todd Carney makes an appearance.

Honestly, it’s a lot and it would make a lot more sense if you just watch it below.

And now he has explained it.

In an interview with Now to Love, the 31-year-old wedding singer has opened up about why he wrote it and whether he actually likes it.

“The lyrics sound so much worse when you read them out slowly – it’s terrible!” Drew said.


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