It’s a pandemic. Stop telling me to work out.

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Still, I don’t need more people reminding me of how much time I have on my hands and how I should be using it to stay in shape. I certainly don’t need to hear the word lazy being thrown around to describe someone who isn’t exercising during the quarantine.

I don’t need people making me feel guilty about not working out right now.

This isn’t a vacation — people are losing their lives and loved ones to this virus, and still, many people aren’t taking this seriously. I’m waking up stressed about money, and I’m falling asleep stressed about money. I’m not the only one who is heartbroken at the loss/instability of their income.

There are so many external factors going on all at once that I’m overwhelmed during almost every waking hour, yet I’m expected to “maintain and build muscle for my summer body”? How is that a thing when we’re coping with trauma,…

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